On the topic of birth, everyone wants to know which book to read. I always find myself recommending this one. It's called Emergency Childbirth: A Manual, by Gregory J. White (MD). There is so much great literature out there to discover, but if you were to read nothing else, read this book (even if that means not reading mine).

ANY woman, or rather any human being, should read this book, regardless of how they choose to birth. You never know when you may find yourself in a situation where you are the only one around to assist a laboring woman and her newborn. It should be taught to everyone of all ages. It contains key practical information on how to handle various situations in birth. Most of these are rare to extremely rare, but it helps to set your mind at ease when you are armed with this knowledge.

If you are planning a truly natural birth, this will be an invaluable tool for you to gain confidence in yourself that you know just what to do in almost any given situation. You will know how to apply it to yourself, as well as when it is most appropriate to transfer your care to a professional.

Click on that link to view it. Save it. Print it. Keep it. It just may save a life.

With all of my love and faith in you,

Please Note!: Printing this out and stacking it like a book will make it easier to read and more orderly!